6 Slow-Crafted Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Past year had been the one that tested all of us. We think Mums were probably tested the most and deserve a treat this Mother’s Day like no one else.

We have carefully selected a few suggestions for you and your Mum to enjoy in a slow, pampering manner. This does not just limit to a Mum in general sense. Someone close to you, who helped and inspired: a teacher, a mentor, a best friend are all mother-like figures and should be celebrated.

Better Coverage for Gentle Skin

You probably remember your mother’s touch - soft and so special, always filled with empathy and unconditional love. Take care of your Mum and give her one of our amazing sustainable swimsuits. Check out our online store and discover our beautiful pieces!

Choose between a Long Sleeve One Piece for a better skin coverage and sun protection if the she likes spending her time on the beach, Sleeveless One Piece for an active Mum if she enjoys water sports, for example aqua aerobics or stand up paddle, or a Long Sleeve Crop Top and Bikini Bottoms which can take your Mum from the beach to a party! Click here to choose the gift now!

Two young women in black one piece swimsuits - one sleeveless, the other one with long sleeve

A Bit of Colour

Order flowers! Even if you’re many many miles away, a surprise bouquet will bring a smile to the dearest face. It is better to organise the delivery at least 48 hours before as it might be hard to  find places that do same-day delivery on a very busy day.

Now this one was a bit hard to come up with suggestions with a particular brand, but if you google or put #flowerdelivery in Instagram search and your location, there will be an array of local shops to choose from! Best autumn colours would be with Western Australia's Swamp Bottlebrush, Dahlias, Marigolds and Irises.

An Easy to Choose Gift

If your Mum is hard to choose for (like my mother-in-law!) a voucher is always a good idea. Call your Mum’s favourite hairdresser’s or nails salon and arrange a gift voucher. It is an amazing mood booster and she will love it! 

Sweet Delight

If your Mum has a sweet tooth, pamper and spoil her with a High Tea Inspired Marshmallow Gift Box from Cloud Theory.

Based in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, the artisan team have transformed the humble marshmallow to heavenly heights with their enchanting creations.

Each box has 12 fabulous flavours (fancy Raspberry Vanilla Slice, for example!) and you may select an “'OPEN ON MOTHER'S DAY' STICKER” so your Mum can enjoy the gift right on the day!

Set of 12 high tea marchsmallows


Your Mum enjoys chocolate more than anything else? Go for delicious raw organic chocolate like the one from Chow Cacao.

Byron Bay based family is bridging the gap between a healthier, raw-vegan chocolate and a traditional chocolate, making a lesser impact on the environment.

Good for Mums, good for our planet!

Hazelnut and peanut butter chocolate slabs and nut spreads

Moments Together

The best presents are the memories that you shared and kept ❤️ A photobook is always a special way to remind about the moments spent together. Have you got some baby pictures with your Mum? Use them for the special photobook. It will absolutely make her smile!

Green Gift

Concerned with how over-consumerism affects our planet, Mother Earth? Your gift does not have to be harmful to our environment!

If you are not sure what to buy yet check out an amazing Biome store, cruelty-free, tox-free, zero waste, plastic-free choices for every Mum out there. The founder, Tracey Bailey, created Biome to empower others with the knowledge and access to carefully-vetted choices that would make a difference.

Give your Mum something different this year!

The Physic Garden Relax & Restore Natural Bath & Body Gift Set

And the most important thing - just tell your Mum that you love HER. Every day! Because every day is Mother’s Day!

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