Reasons why we don't do Black Friday this year (and what we do instead!)

Have you noticed we don’t do sales? Let us explain why!

We've never been "sales" fans. Even though hundred podcasts/courses/books we listened/watched/read were telling us "this" is what you have to do to become successful in fashion industry...

But we didn’t feel it was right... We simply couldn’t justify why we should get rid of our amazing stock when we never planned to make dozens and dozens of different styles every season to keep our customers “in the loop” of buying more swimsuits.

The fashion industry produces 20% of global wastewater and 10% of global carbon emissions. We need to remember that Black Friday depends on a model of over consumption that our planet cannot afford. 

As a small business, we make the best we can, not the most we can. We charge a fair price and keep the quality high. We work hard on every piece to make it last as long as possible in your closet, so it doesn’t go out of fashion next season. So why should we clear out our swimwear when it is still classic and worthy? Because everyone does it?

So we decided, no Black Fridays , Wasteful Wednesdays or Tasteless Tuesday’s.

That was our decision.

But then whole world went into the lockdown. We saw businesses that went broke, people were loosing their jobs and mental health issues were as important as never before. And we were asked more and more for discounts because our beautiful customers couldn’t afford buying a swimsuit to protect their skin.

And we thought we must do something for those who see quality and want quality but can't afford it as opposed to those that can go mad at sales, over buy  and simply discard the items that don't "suit".

Black Friday Sales are a battle to show who can make the cheapest offer. Such sales trigger people’s desire to buy more things they don’t really need and sometimes cannot afford. We encourage to buy slow and smart.  

We didn’t want to do “flash” sales, or “only 3 days”, or “one crazy Black Friday”, all these sales promote impulsive shopping and overbuying.

We decided we are going to make a WHOLE month of SLOW sales. For the whole month you can use 20% off of ALL our stock (but while the stock last!).

And we call it SLOWVEMBER.

Choose your swimsuit. Put it in your cart. Pay for it when you ready. Get your compostable parcel. Put it on your beautiful body. Enjoy your healthy choice and let’s reduce overbuying and the throwaway culture of clothes.

Do sales trigger you to buy something you haven't planned? Let us know in the comment section!

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